The Social Sciences Data Archive Project

Welcome to the SODA project website. This project aims to set up a data archive for social sciences in Belgium as well as a service provider that will represent our country in the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA).


Why is it important to archive research data? What do researchers stand to gain by making their data accessible for re-use? What services will the future Belgian data archive offer? You will find the answer to all those questions and many others in the following pages.

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What data archives do

Data Storage

Scientific data is precious, but the formats, media and software that support it

now change quicker than ever. Will your data still be readable in 5, 10, 15 years? Find out more about why depositing your data in a data archive has become a key strategic step of the research process, including

in terms of impact factor.

Data Access

Archiving research data is also an opportunity to make it available for re-use. By promoting open science, a data archive will enable you to access datasets which you can use to replicate studies or broaden the scope of your research. Following the FAIR principles, data should be “as open as possible [and] as closed as necessary.”


and Guidance

Researchers nowadays face increasing pressure to juggle research, teaching, and administrative activities. That is why the Belgian data archive will provide them with training support so that they can easily archive and access research data with minimal additional effort.

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